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Microneedling services are designed to reduce skin imperfections like wrinkles and rough texture, enhancing the skin’s overall appearance.

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Microneedling is an anti-aging treatment available at Zeam Medical Group that uses a hand-held device and tiny needles to make microtears in your skin. Doing so revitalizes your skin, increasing your body’s healing powers by stimulating new cell generation.

The practice also offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment with microneedling to further enhance anti-aging results. Microneedling with PRP produces hair regrowth and skin revitalization.

Some of the benefits you can take advantage of after undergoing microneedling at Zeam Medical Group include:

  • Smoother, younger-looking, tighter skin
  • Healthier skin
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Plumper skin
  • Less skin laxity
  • Smaller pore sizes
  • Diminished scarring
  • Less hyperpigmentation
  • Reduced stretch marks
  • Thicker hair

Microneedling is a quick, painless procedure that offers all-natural, superior anti-aging results without downtime. It’s safe for all skin types, colors, and tones.

To find out if microneedling is the right treatment for you, the experts at Zeam Medical Group discuss your medical history and beauty goals. They examine your skin and let you know what to expect during the procedure before tailoring a personalized aesthetic treatment to match your unique needs.

Before microneedling, your provider cleans and numbs the treatment area to ensure you avoid discomfort. They then use a handheld device to make tiny micro punctures in your skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Your specialist may apply healing or nourishing serums to your skin along with microneedling.

Suppose you’re a candidate for PRP treatment. In that case, they take a blood sample from a vein in your arm, spin it in a centrifuge to isolate PRP from the remaining blood, and apply platelet-rich plasma to your skin at the treatment site to further enhance cell regeneration. Your provider may use microneedling with PRP on your face, scalp, or other areas of your body.

Microneedling treatments at Zeam Medical Group often last 10-20 minutes.

After you undergo microneedling procedures, the treatment area may appear pink, tender, or swollen for a short time. Follow your post-care instructions and protect your skin from the sun. Over time, treated skin appears healthier, smoother, and younger-looking.

Treated hair becomes thicker over time. Your Zeam Medical Group provider often recommends a series of microneedling treatments to achieve exceptional results. Improvements appear gradually during the next several weeks and months as cells regenerate.

To learn more about microneedling at Zeam Medical Group and find out if it’s right for you, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.


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