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Weight Loss Management

Multi Speciality Medical Practice located in Roseville & Folsom, CA

Weight Loss Management services offered in Roseville and Folsom, CA

Weight loss is no easy task, but it’s entirely possible with the right tools in place. At Zeam Medical Group in Roseville and Folsom, California, the team of medical experts offers comprehensive weight-loss management services to help you reach and maintain your goal weight. Call the multispecialty medical practice to get started or schedule a consultation online today.

What is medical weight-loss management?

Medical weight-loss management at Zeam Medical Group includes customized weight-loss plans and medical intervention, when needed, to help you safely and effectively reach an ideal body weight. Healthy weight management offers an array of health and wellness benefits. The Zeam Medical Group team is highly trained in medically supervised weight loss.

What are the benefits of medical weight-loss management?

Some of the benefits you can expect when choosing medical weight-loss management at Zeam Medical Group include:

  • Easier weight loss
  • Reduced appetite
  • Customized meal plans
  • Smaller waist circumference
  • Less body fat
  • More energy 
  • Reduced chronic disease risks
  • Better disease management

The Zeam Medical Group offers weight-loss medications and dietary supplements that enhance fat-burning and reduce your appetite, making it easier to achieve an ideal weight. 

Is medical weight-loss management right for me?

To determine which medical weight-loss management program is best for you, the Zeam Medical Group team reviews your medical history, weighs you, and evaluates your body mass index (BMI). Your specialist discusses your personal and family medical histories, medication regimen, symptoms, usual diet and lifestyle habits, and food preferences. 

They also check your vital signs, complete a physical exam, and may order blood tests or other diagnostic tests to check for medical problems that can hinder weight loss.

What should I expect during a medical weight-loss program?

During medical weight-loss management, your specialist tailors a weight-loss program that matches your needs. They offer personalized nutrition plans, dietary supplements, exercise prescriptions, medications if needed, or hormone replacement therapy for men and women.

Hormone imbalance is a common cause of failed weight loss. Your provider answers questions you have regarding the program and follows up with you periodically to ensure the weight loss plan works effectively. The Zeam Medical Group team makes changes to your program whenever necessary.

How much weight can I lose?

With the help of the Zeam Medical Group team, you can safely lose one to two pounds per week, up to five pounds weekly (at least initially), until you reach your goal weight. If weight loss stalls, your Zeam Medical Group provider can readjust your plan to keep you moving forward.

To learn more about medical weight-loss management at Zeam Medical Group and get started on your weight-loss journey, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.