James Jung

James Jung, MD- Director of Psychiatry


My journey to becoming a psychiatrist and therapist has been unconventional to say the least.  Prior to attending medical school at the University of New Mexico and Psychiatry Residency at the University of California Davis Health,  I served in the United States Army as an infantry officer spending most of my service deployed overseas.  While I couldn’t picture at the time how this would lead me to where I am, this experience was probably the most influential and important as far as guiding how I approach mental health. I remember vividly my hesitation to go to the VA to seek support due to the fear of not knowing what treatment actually was but mostly what it meant about me.  It took me 2 years to step inside and ask for help.  This step however, connected me to a therapist for the first time and the relief of learning what it could be like to sit with someone who welcomed me without judgement and helped me make sense of my experience. Many years and a few degrees later, here I am.

 Because of my background, the bedrock of my approach to working with clients is simple; to meet you where you are.  Whether you have spent years before seeking help like I did and this is the first time you are coming in, are very familiar with the process or anywhere in between you are welcome here.  I value collaboration, shared decision making and identifying areas where we can further support your goals.  I believe that the time meeting in the clinic or over telehealth is just part of the treatment to reduce suffering, find balance and improve quality of life. With this is mind I work to incorporate different treatments that occur outside of the clinic to build a comprehensive treatment plan, but without pressure and based on individual experiences and situations.  Thank you for your interest in Pacific Heartwood Wellness. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you. Whether you are ready to take the next step or aren’t ready like I was, that’s ok, we will be here.

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