Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

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Skin Tightening services offered in Roseville and Folsom, CA

Skin tightening is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. It’s popular among those who have loose, sagging skin around their arms, jawline, stomach, lower back, breasts, or thighs from aging, significant weight loss, or loss of muscle tone. Zeam Medical Group, with offices in Roseville and Folsom, California, offers skin tightening services. To learn more, call the office nearest you to speak with a friendly team member or request an appointment online today.

What is skin tightening?

Skin tightening is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment. It’s safe to use on any body area, including the face and neck, and produces natural, younger-looking skin. The results are immediate and can last for up to 10 years.

How does skin tightening work?

In general, non-surgical skin tightening procedures work by using targeted energy to heat deeper layers of skin, stimulating elastin and collagen production, gradually improving skin tone and texture.

What areas of the body can skin tightening treat?

If you have significant weight loss or a loss of firmness from aging, you may find yourself with a lot of lax skin. Skin tightening firms drooping skin in the following areas:

  • Upper arms
  • Breasts
  • Stomach
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Thighs

Zeam Medical Group discusses your skin concerns to understand better what you hope for from the treatment. The team can recommend non-surgical skin tightening treatments.

What are some types of non-surgical skin tightening treatments?

There are numerous FDA-cleared skin tightening treatments and technologies on the market, and each uses a unique mechanism to achieve the desired result.

The team at Zeam Medical Group might use the following treatments and technologies:


Ultrasound skin tightening treatments are delivered via a handheld device, which transmits the ultrasound waves through the skin’s surface. Ultrasound heats skin at specific depths and locations to induce collagen production, helping the skin to become firmer.

Radiofrequency energy (RF)

The team may use Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening treatments to heat the skin and trigger collagen production. RF focuses on epidermal layers to achieve a smoother and firmer appearance. RF-only treatments are safe and well tolerated by most skin types.

PRX and PRX-T33 WiQo BioRevitalization Treatment

PRX-T33 is a non-peeling peel developed as a treatment for children with scars. It’s revolutionary for correcting facelift scars, stretch marks, and sagging skin. A perfect solution for those who don’t want treatment downtime like Fibroblast skin tightening but desire similar results.

What is the healing process for skin tightening?

The skin tightening procedure is relatively pain-free, but your skin needs around 2-3 weeks to heal.

Try to spend the first ten days at home to protect your skin from bright daylight and to wear off any sensitivity to cold weather. While uncommon, redness, minor swelling, itching, and peeling are typical side effects as your skin heals.

 Zeam Medical Group explains everything you need about the skin tightening procedure. In the days following your treatment, the team follows up with you to answer questions you may have about your recovery process.

Take the first steps to become more confident and achieve your body goals without surgery through skin tightening from Zeam Medical Group. Call today to schedule a consultation or request one online.